Welcome to our travel with canines blog!  Each month, we’ll take you to a new location in the northeastern US or Canada.  These are all locations you can drive to (although you might need to take a ferry or two…).  We’ll share tips for traveling with your dogs, dog friendly places to stay, and local insight into the regions we’re visiting!

Laddie and Britta watch the sunset over the St. Lawrence estuary, Quebec.
Why are we taking on this project?

This is a three year (at least) project to help increase positive training programs at North Country SPCA and other shelters in northern NY.  For every subscription, we will put aside money to pay for training shelter dogs, volunteers, and staff.  So, spread the word and subscribe yourself!

As positive reinforcement trainers, we are also excited to share training tips so dog owners will feel empowered to start exploring the incredible area we all live in.  We know almost every dog is capable of traveling — but we also know some dogs need more preparation than others.  So,  we hope this blog helps inspire those of you who have always wanted to travel with your dog.

How can you participate?

Even if you don’t have a dog, we believe you’ll enjoy the stories and photos of each adventure.  And, if you do have a dog, we hope our work will help make your travels much easier and therefore, more fun!

To participate, you can visit our subscription page.  Once we receive your order, you’ll have access to the monthly adventure reports.  We’ll also send you monthly reminders when they come out and reports on our work at the local shelters.

Thank you!  Merci!

~ Kinna, Gene, Laddie, and Britta

Laddie & Britta in the old city of Quebec